The next generation gifting experience
Revolutionize the way you gift and connect with a secure, no-code platform for creating gift cards, bridging the worlds of traditional gifting and blockchain technology.

Gift card market,
trends shaping tomorrow

Consumers will increasingly gravitate towards digital, personalized, and secure gift card experiences, fueled by advancements in technology like blockchain and augmented reality. METACARD is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a seamless, secure, and customizable gifting experience.
$1000 B
Is the value of the global gift cards market in 2021
4 cards
Yearly average number of gift cards purchase per household in France
Of fraud victims said they had been stolen using gift cards.
Of Christmas gift cards are never used
Enhance customer engagement and community building in the Web2 & Web3
METACARD empowers companies to easily design dynamic and personalized loyalty programs, fostering stronger relationships with customers, enhancing brand loyalty and build vibrant communities especially among the tech-savvy Generation Z.

Ease of use

A no-code solution to create, personalize, offer and sell gift cards.

Highly secure

A Leveraging blockchain technology for secure transactions and fraud prevention.


Cards can be used for a variety of purposes, from buying physical products to accessing events and co-branding partnerships.

Create a campaign

Elevate brand loyalty and community engagement with immersive, transformative experiences.

Embark on a new gifting journey

Gift card reseller?

Choose from a wide range of gift cards, including donation, brand, and renowned store cards.

Brand or Association?

Offer a new gift experience to your clients or donors using blockchain technology and AI.

Unlock VIP access

Gain VIP access to limited edition merchandise, exclusive music releases, meet-and-greets with celebrities, memberships and exclusive passes.
Ready for something extraordinary?

Gift Care Card / Celebrity

In collaboration with common cents and partner of Gandee which is a leading sponsor of sponsorship Celebrities support charitable causes, which inspires fans to get involved. Fans receive personalized gift cards accompanied by thank you videos and charity presentations. Celebrities add surprises such as autographed jerseys, concert tickets or birthday calls, making each contribution special.
Our Collaborations
and more... Join us now and be part of our journey!
Our Values
Metacard is committed to enriching the world through innovation and generosity, notably with the Gift Card Celebrity, bringing together celebrities, fans, and deserving causes for increased visibility and donations. Similarly, our Gift Card for retailers and brands reflects our vision of conscious and personalized commerce, celebrating human connections and technology. Join us in our quest for a more united, green, and just future with Metacard.
The Currency of the Gift
METAC token, is the currency at the core of our end-to-end gifting solution.
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$METAC, your passport to the exclusive world of Metacard.
From premium features to governance, $METAC does It All! It's the token that breaks barriers, allowing you to explore, interact, and influence in ways you never thought possible, ensuring a comprehensive and enriched user experience in the realm of Web 3.0!

VIP access

Unlock premium services and advanced features in our marketplace.

Asset splitting

Use $METAC for decentralized governance, flexible plans, and shared benefits.


$METAC is a universal token for diverse DApps and opportunities.

& security

Acquire exclusive, secure content and innovative personalised experiences protected by smart contracts.

Ready to take control of your Web 3.0 experience? Invest in $METAC now!
Get $METAC now! πŸš€

Build an innovative brand
and create long-term customer value

METACARD helps you leverage NFTs to deliver a unique and memorable customer-centric experience.
Customer engagement
Customer Retention
Customer acquisition
We believe that every brand will eventually become a web3 brand. With NFTs, you can finally tap into the revolution of loyalty and customer acquisition.
Product authentication
High security
Proof of ownership
Enabler for various business use cases

Enjoy all the benefits of the NFT technology for your business, without any technical complexity.

1. For Gifting
Turn traditional gift cards into unique NFTs for any celebration.

2. For Loyalty

Set up tailored and engaging loyalty schemes to reward your clients.

3. For Acquisition

Create specific offers to target specific markets or audiences
Some market & target-able figures
Create an Account
Meet our smart and all-inclusive Web3 marketing platform
From configuration to deployment, our tool takes care of all the technical aspects. You also get all your product data in one click with API and CRM integrations.
The platform comes with all the marketing tools you need to create fully personalized targeted campaigns, from engagement tracking to loyalty points distribution.
Metacard provides all the distribution tools you need to sell online directly, and even create your NFT store.
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Your leverage to boost your brand image andincrease customer retention
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